Zelda BOTW Golden Lynel Locations Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find Gold Lynel in Zelda BOTW video game. Gold Lynels are another sort of adversary in Zelda Breath of The Wild. They were presented in the Master Trials DLC, and they’re just accessible in Master Mode, BoTW’s adaptation of hard difficulty. Murdering a brilliant lynel is no simple assignment – the same goes for discovering them. They spawn simply after specific conditions are met, and they’re truly uncommon.

Find Golden Lynel in Zelda BOTW

Above all else, they’re just accessible on Master Mode. They basically won’t spawn on standard difficulty. Perceiving how the gold lynel is the updated form of the silver one, you’ll initially need to crush a group of those. It can be repetitive, yet it’s extraordinary practice for when you do get the chance to battle the gold adaptation. They’re precisely similar to the silver lynels, aside from with more health. Completing each one of the four divine beast missions will expand the spawn rate of the silver ones, making it less demanding to urge a golden into reality.

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